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Classic and flat ellipse eyelash extensions… What’s the difference?

With so many different lashes on the market it is hard for some lash artists to decide which lashes are better for their clients. Here at Camcart Dreams we selling nothing but the best Flat lashes and will explain the difference and why we believe they are superior to classic lashes.

The Difference:

Technically both classic and flat ellipse lashes are considered classic lashes because both are single lash extensions applied to one single natural lash.

Traditional classic lashes are rounded at the base whereas flat ellipse lashes are oval rounded to wrap around the base of the lash for a better snug fit.

Classic lashes are also heavier than flat ellipse lashes. The bases of classic are solid weighing 0.10, 0.15 or even a heavy 0.20 in weight. A 0.20 classic lash may look lovely as it would be a thicker fuller set, however not many clients out there can support that weight on their natural lashes, consequently leaving very damaged natural lashes.

Flat ellipse lashes are extremely light and fluffy. The ones sold here at Camcart dreams are 0.20 in size, however they are actually hollow at the base leaving the weight only 0.07 with the fantastic look of a .20. How amazing to be able to have a thick ellipse lash with the weight of 1 single volume lash!!

Why choose flat ellipse lashes over regular classics ?

They are incredible soft like a feather, never that plasticky feeling like regular classics

They are split tipped as the ends to provide the perfect fluffy look

They are very dark matte in shade, never shiny or glossy

They are the thickness of a 0.20 lash with the weight of a 0.07, hollow in the base

They have an oval shape at the base to wrap around the lash creating better retention

They always retain their curl

They are easier to attach due to flat base

They are perfect for people with weak or very fine lashes

They can give a more dramatic/eyeliner look


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