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EyelashEyelash Extensions Style Chart: Which Lash Extension Is Right For You?
Eyelash Extensions Style Chart

Eyelash Extensions Style Chart: Which Lash Extension Is Right For You?

Are you ready to elevate your lash game and embrace the world of mesmerizing eyelash extensions? 

Prepare to embark on a journey of enhanced beauty as we dive into the enchanting realm of lash extensions. With an array of styles, finding the perfect lash extension that complements your unique features and personal style can be a thrilling adventure. 

Whether you desire a dramatic, voluminous look or a more natural, subtle enhancement, the Eyelash Extensions Style Chart from CamCartDreams will be your ultimate guide to discovering the lash extension that is right for you. 

So, let’s explore the options and unveil the secret to captivating, fluttering lashes that will leave you feeling confident and utterly fabulous.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are a popular beauty style that has revolutionized the way we enhance our eyes. Individual lashes are joined with precisely applied synthetic or natural fibres to provide length, volume, and a fluttery look. 

With various designs available, lash extensions provide a customizable solution for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty. 

They not only eliminate the need for mascara, but they also create a long-lasting, picture-perfect look that can resist the stresses of daily living. 

Prepare to create a lasting impression wherever you go by batting those lovely lashes.

Overview of The Different Styles of Lashes

There are numerous styles of lash extensions to choose from. Understanding these styles before going to the lash bar is essential. Natural, coloured, cat-eye, doll, and staggered are some popular lash extension styles.


The natural look emphasizes boosting your natural lashes. These extensions increase length and volume while remaining natural-looking. They are ideal for first-time lash extension wearers who wish to give their lashes a little lift.


Coloured lash extensions are used to add depth and dimension to the eyes. They can be used sporadically or as a full set for a more dramatic effect. It is also possible to mix various colours. Coloured lashes can draw attention to your eye colour and are a fun option for those who want to express themselves.


A popular choice that provides a winged lash impression is the cat eye. It is effective for people who have close-set, downward-turned, or tired-looking eyes. These lashes are shorter at the inner lash line and gradually grow longer towards the outside borders, creating the illusion of elevated eyes.


The doll style is ideal for those who want to make their eyes appear larger. These lashes are longer in the centre and shorter at the ends, giving the appearance of larger, doll-like eyes. This look is especially appealing for people with downturned or wide-set eyes.


The staggered look is achieved by alternating long and short lashes in a staggered manner. It is good for people who already have thick lashes because it increases the overall density. This style takes your lashes to the next level, giving them a full and voluminous appearance.

Types of Eyelash Extension Techniques 

The three types of eyelash extension techniques commonly used are:


The traditional method entails adding one extension to each natural lash. This lengthens and thickens the lashes while giving them a natural, understated appearance. 

For people who prefer a more natural look or have a lot of natural eyelashes, classic extensions are perfect.


To produce a textured and fuller appearance, the hybrid procedure combines classic and volume extensions. 

This method involves applying both single extensions and individually manufactured volume fans to the natural lashes. It provides more volume and definition and provides a balance between a natural and dramatic effect.


The volume lash technique adds several thin extensions to each natural lash, giving the appearance of a thicker and more dramatic lash. 

Volume lashes are often created as fans with 2–8 extremely thin lashes. This method is appropriate for people who want to look attractive and daring or who have little natural lashes.

Eyelash Extensions Style Chart

You may also view the chart below to see wha

Factors To Consider

The lash technician will assist you in choosing the best type of lash extensions for you. Which set of lashes your makeup artist would suggest will depend on factors such as if you wear makeup frequently, have glasses, or like a natural or glam look. 

Factors include eye and facial form, lash volume, length, curvature, and personal lifestyle. Before your lash appointment, the lash artist will talk with you to determine which style will work best for you. 

Eye Shape 

The type of lash extension that best suits you will depend greatly on the shape of your eyes. Almond, hooded, monolid, upturned, downturned, and round are the six primary eye forms. Let’s analyze each eye form and look at the lash trends that go well with it.


Almond-shaped eyes resemble an almond in shape, with a thinner eyelid and a wider breadth. While almond-eyed people can sport a variety of lash looks, the cat-eye and doll types are particularly attractive. The most typical eye shape is an almond shape, which makes it easy to wear most lash types.


Eyes with a hood have a heavier brow bone and a deeper crease. Strongly curled lashes should be avoided since they can look unnatural by blending into the lid. To draw attention to the eyes, choose doll or natural-style lash extensions with a looser curl.


Eyes with a monolid lack a definite crease, making them look smooth. The monolid eyes’ distinctive shape is well highlighted by the cat-eye and natural lash styles.


The outer corners of the eyes with an upward tilt are higher than the inner corners. The cat-eye lash style is ideal to complement this eye shape. It emphasizes the lovely upturned form of the eyes while adding volume and balance.


The outer corners of downturned eyes are inclined downward. For eyes that are downturned, doll lash styles with a strong outer curl are fantastic. They help to enlarge the eyes and produce an attractive appearance.


Compared to other eye forms, round eyes are often bigger and appear more circular. Cat-eye and natural designs are best for eyes that are round. Strongly curled styles should be avoided because they might cause the eyes to appear permanently astonished.


How do I choose a lash extension style?

To choose a lash extension style, consider factors such as your eye shape, desired look, and personal preference. It’s recommended to consult the Eyelash Extensions Style Chart and seek the advice of a professional lash technician who can guide you based on your individual features.

What is the most popular eyelash extension style?

The most popular eyelash extension style can vary depending on current trends and individual preferences. However, the cat-eye style, characterized by longer lashes on the outer corners, has consistently been a popular choice for its eye-opening effect.

What are the different types of eyelash extensions?

There are various types of eyelash extensions, including synthetic, silk, mink, and faux mink. Each type has its own characteristics in terms of texture, durability, and appearance, allowing you to choose the one that aligns with your desired look and preferences.

What style of lash extensions make your eyes look bigger?

Lash extension styles that make your eyes look bigger include the doll style, with longer lashes in the middle and shorter on the ends, and the cat-eye style, which adds volume and balance to upturned-shaped eyes. These styles create the illusion of larger, more captivating eyes.

Final Thoughts on Eyelash Extensions Style Chart

In summary, the Eyelash Extensions Style Chart is an invaluable tool for anyone considering adding extensions to their natural lashes. Finding the ideal lash extension style that fits your eye shape, preferences, and intended look is made easier with the wide range of types available. 

The chart makes it easier for you to sort through your alternatives and make an educated choice, whether you like a natural, subtle augmentation or a dramatic, eye-catching effect. 

Knowing your eye shape and taking into account the suggested looks will help you obtain outstanding results that attractively frame your eyes and increase your confidence. 

With lash extensions, you may quickly change the way you look and enjoy the appeal of attractive, fluttering lashes.

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